Verifying QS Edit Pro MIDI communication

Use this procedure to verify MIDI communication between QS Edit Pro and the Alesis QSR.

About this task

Tip: Quickly verify MIDI communication each time you power up your system, or when troubleshooting QS Edit Pro issues.


  1. Connect your computer to the QSR using your MIDI interface.
  2. Power up the QSR and the computer, then launch QS Edit Pro.
    You will see the screen below. This is the main QS Edit Pro window.
    QS Edit Pro start screen

  3. Click MIDI > MIDI Setup and verify that the Alesis ROM software version is displayed.
    QS Edit Pro MIDI Communication status screen

    Important: If the MIDI interface is working, you will see the Alesis QSR software version at the top of the dialogue box.
    Trouble: It may be necessary to "Stop" and "Start" the MIDI interface. Refer to the QS Edit Pro tutorial and your MIDI interface documentation for more troubleshooting tips.
    Trouble: Check your MIDI connections if the interface is not working. Be sure that the QSR MIDI In port is connected to the MIDI Out port on the MIDI interface and the QSR MIDI Out port is connected to the MIDI interface MIDI In port.
    Trouble: Try removing other MIDI devices, such as MIDI mergers, from the system, then test communication with a direct connection between the MIDI interface and the QSR.
  4. Click Exit to close the MIDI Status window.