Software Overview

Use QS Edit Pro and Sound Bridge software to make the QSR drum synthesizer programming process easier.

While the QSR can be programmed and operated using the front panel controls and display, this is not the recommended approach. The front panel controls make navigation through the QSR menu system slow and difficult. When making multiple changes to programs and mixes, or editing sound parameters, the only practical option is to use external applications with graphical user interfaces.

The recommended application for editing the QSR is called QS Edit Pro. This application was developed by Sound Tower, Inc. A link to the QS Edit Pro site is included in the related links section at the end of this page. The software can be downloaded and licensed from the Sound Tower web site.

QS Edit Pro is a fully-featured Editor and Sound Development tool created specifically for Alesis QuadraSynth family of synthesizers. The application provides full access to sound, program and mix parameters, and streamlines the editing process.

The QS Edit Pro software runs on Windows. Support for Apple products is not advertised at this time. An extensive online tutorial is available from the Sound Tower web site. The information in the QS Edit Pro online tutorial is an essential complement to the information presented here.

The software used to transfer data between your computer and the QSR is a program from Alesis called Sound Bridge. I provide a link to download the application below.

Alesis no longer supports Sound Bridge, and unfortunately there is no information on the Alesis web site about the software. However, an independent web site created by Les Winters ( contains archived information about Sound Bridge.

The web site contains a lot of archived information on the QSR and the Sound Bridge software, including frequently asked questions, tips and tricks, links to related resources and general information on MIDI equipment and applications. There are links to sources of sound samples on this site as well.