Hardware Connections

Refer to this connection diagram when planning your drum synthesizer configuration.

The QSR is a flexible synthesis platform that lets you create a variety of system configurations. The QSR can be controlled by any MIDI controller. Multiple MIDI controllers can trigger the QSR with a little planning.

For example, you can combine a pad controller, like the Alesis Control Pad, with other types of triggers connected through a trigger interface like the Alesis Trigger iO. You can also connect multiple QSR synthesizers to your MIDI controllers with proper attention to MIDI channel assignments.

There are many ways to configure a drum synthesizer using the QSR. Careful planning of the interconnections, sample file organization, MIDI channels, and note numbers is necessary. Many resources are available that provide background on the use of MIDI channels, note numbers, Program Change commands, and SYSEX commands. You will need some knowledge of these topics prior to building your system.

A Basic System Using The Control Pad

An example of a simple system configuration is the QSR controlled by the Alesis Control Pad. Using a single MIDI connection between the two components, you can play 8 different sounds using the built-in pads in the Control Pad. The Control Pad must be set up with proper MIDI channel and note number assignments for each pad to get the desired sounds to play. The QSR comes with built-in drum and percussion sounds that can be accessed using the Control Pad. You can also play your own custom sound samples. This simple configuration is a good way to add electronic drum and percussion sounds to an acoustic kit.

Using a Trigger Interface

If you need more pads or controllers such as a high-hat pedal, you can use a trigger interface like the Alesis Trigger iO. A single MIDI connection from the Trigger iO to the QSR will allow you to trigger sounds after some system configuration. The trigger iO can be used to create an all-electronic drum kit, or a hybrid kit using triggers attached to your acoustic drums.

A More Complex Architecture

For maximum flexibility, consider the use of a control surface like the Control Pad combined with a trigger interface. This configuration is shown in the connection diagram below. There are some tricks involved with this setup but we will discuss the steps involved in the Testing and balancing Mixes topic.QSR Drum Synthesizer Connection Diagram