Built-in Sample List

This topic contains a list of the QSR's built-in drum and percussion samples. Samples are listed by Sample Group: Kicks, Snares, Toms, Cymbals, Percussion, Sound Effects, and Wave.

Table 1. Kick Samples
Floppy Kick 1
Floppy Kick 2
Floppy Kick V
Master Kick 1
Master Kick 2
Master Kick V
Groove Kick 1
Groove Kick 2
Groove Kick V
Sharp Kick
Tek Kick 1
Tek Kick 2
Tek Kick V
Analog Kick 1
Analog Kick 2
Analog Kick 3
Analog Kick V
Rap Kick
Table 2. Snare Samples
Fat Wood 1
Fat Wood 2
Fat Wood V
HR Snare 1
HR Snare 2
HR Snare V
Master Snare 1
Master Snare 2
Master Snare V
Piccolo 1
Piccolo 2
Piccolo V
Electronic 1
Electronic 2
Electronic V
Rap Snare 1
Rap Snare 2
Tek Snare 1
Tek Snare 2
Tek Snare V
Brush Hit 1
Brush Hit 2
Brush Hit V
Crosstick 1
Crosstick 2
Crosstick V
Table 3. Tom Samples
Hi Rack Tom 1
Hi Rack Tom 2
Hi Rack Tom V
Md Rack Tom 1
Md Rack Tom 2
Md Rack Tom V
Lo Rack Tom 1
Lo Rack Tom 2
Lo Rack Tom V
Hi Floor Tom 1
Hi Floor Tom 2
Hi Floor Tom V
Md Floor Tom 1
Md Floor Tom 2
Md Floor Tom V
Lo Floor Tom 1
Lo Floor Tom 2
Lo Floor Tom V
Canon Tom Hi 1
Canon Tom Hi 2
Canon Tom Hi V
Canon Tom Md 1
Canon Tom Md 2
Canon Tom Md V
Canon Tom Lo 1
Canon Tom Lo 2
Canon Tom Lo V
Hex Tom Hi
Hex Tom Md
Hex Tom Lo
Rap Tom Hi
Rap Tom Md
Rap Tom Lo
Table 4. Cymbal Samples
Closed Hat 1
Closed Hat 2
Closed Hat V
Tight Hat
Loose Hat
Slosh Hat
Foot Hat 1
Foot Hat 2
Velo Hat 1
Velo Hat 2
Velo Hat 3
Tek Hat Closed
Tek Hat Open
Rap Hat Closed
Rap Hat Half
Rap Hat Open
Cricket Hat 1
Cricket Hat 2
Filter Hat 1
Filter Hat 2
Filter Hat 3
Ride Cymbal 1
Ride Cymbal 2
Ride Cymbal V1
Ride Cymbal V2
Ride Bell 1
Ride Bell 2
Ride Bell V
Crush Cymbal 1
Crush Cymbal 2
Splash Cymbal 1
Splash Cymbal 2
Splash Cymbal 3
China Cymbal 1
China Cymbal 2
Rap Cymbal 1
Rap Cymbal 2
Rap Cymbal Wave
Open Hat 1
Open Hat 2
Open Hat 3
Open Hat V
Ride Cymbal V3
Table 5. Percussion Samples
Agogo High
Agogo Low
Bongo High
Bongo Low
Brake Drum
Chimes 1
Chimes 2
Clap Rap
Clap Tek
Conga Hi
Conga Low
Conga Slap
Rap Conga Hi
Rap Conga Md
Rap Conga Lo
Rap Rim
Rap Tone
Rap Cowbell
Djambe Hi
Djambe Lo
Finger Snap
Guiro Long
Guiro Med
Guiro Short
Ice Block
Kalimba Hi
Kalimba Lo
Samba Whistle
Samba Short
Shaker 1 Hi
Shaker 1 Lo
Shaker 2 Hi
Shaker 2 Lo
Sleighbl 1
Sleighbl 2
Steel Drum Hi
Steel Drum Lo
TableGa Hi
TablaGa Lo
Table Ka
TableNa Hi
TableHa Lo
Tabla Te
TableTin Hi
TableTin Lo
Taiko Hi
Taiko Lo
Taiko Rim
Talk Up Hi
Talk Up Lo
Talk Down Hi
Talk Down Lo
Tambourine 1
Tambourine 2
Timbali Hi
Timbale Lo
Timpani Hi
Timpani Md
Timpani Lo
Triangle Soft
Udu Hi
Udu Md
Udu Lo
Udu Slap
WoodBlock Hi
WoodBlock Lo
Table 6. Sound Effects Samples
Bird Tweet
Bird Chirp
Bird Loop
Fret Noise
Fret Wipe
Orch Hit
Dance Hit
Jungle 1
Jungle 2
Goats Nails
Hi Bow
Low Bow
ShapeNz Hi
ShapeNz Md
ShapeNz Lo
Scratch Pull
Scratch Push
Scratch Loop
Scratch PullLp
Scratch PushLp
Rez Attack Hi
Rez Attack Md
Rez Attack Lo
Rez Zip Hi
Rez Zip Md
Rez Zip Lo
Zap 1 High
Zap 1 Mid
Zap 1 Low
Zap 2 High
Zap 2 Mid
Zap 2 Low
Zap 3 High
Zap 3 Mid
Zap 3 Low
Sci Loop 1
Sci Loop 2
Sci Loop 3
BitField 1
BitField 2
BitField 3
BitField 4
BitField 5
BitField 6
WaveLoop 1.0
WaveLoop 1.1
WaveLoop 1.2
WaveLoop 1.3
WaveLoop 1.4
WaveLoop 1.5
WaveLoop 1.6
WaveLoop 1.7
WaveLoop 1.8
WaveLoop 2.0
WaveLoop 2.1
WaveLoop 2.2
WaveLoop 2.3
WaveLoop 2.4
WaveLoop 2.5
WaveLoop 2.6
WaveLoop 2.7
WaveLoop 2.8
WaveLoop 3.0
WaveLoop 3.1
WaveLoop 3.2
WaveLoop 3.3
WaveLoop 3.4
WaveLoop 3.5
WaveLoop 4.1
WaveLoop 4.2
WaveLoop 4.3
WaveLoop 4.4
WaveLoop 4.5
D-Scrape Lp
Table 7. Wave Samples
High Sine
Mid Sine
Low Sine
Hi White Noise
Mi White Noise
Lo White Noise
Hi Spectral
Lo Spectral
Hi Crickets
Lo Crickets
InHarm 1
InHarm 2
High Saw
Low Saw
High Pulse
Low Pulse
Hi Acid Rez
Lo Acid Rez
Metal Wave
Hi MetalMute
Lo MetalMute
Hi Dist Gtr
Lo Dist Gtr
Hi Power Harm
Lo Power Harm
Hi Funk Gtr
Lo Funk Gtr
Hi Mute Gtr
Lo Mute Gtr
Hi Elec Harm
Lo Elec Harm
Classic Harm
Hi Bass Harm
Md Bass Harm
Lo Bass Harm
Hi Slap Bass
Lo Slap Bass
Hi Bass Pop
Lo Bass Pop
Muted Bass
Stick Bass
Studio Bass
Jazz Fingrd
Jazz Pick
60's Combo
Hi Piano
Md Piano
Lo Piano
Hi Sync
Lo Sync
Hi Synth
Lo Synth
Ahhs High
Ahhs Mid
Ahhs Low
Oohs High
Oohs Mid
Oohs Low
Tune Pipe Hi
Tune Pipe Md
Tune Pipe Lo