MIDI Channel Assignments

The QSR Drum Synthesizer Manual Programming Strategy uses Mix mode and specific MIDI channel assignments.


The Programming Strategy presented in this Manual uses specific MIDI channel assignments that do not comply with the General MIDI standard. The QSR should be used in Mix play mode, and Mixes should use the MIDI channel assignments outlined in this topic. Set your controller or trigger interface channel parameters to match these assignments.

Table 1. MIDI Channel Assignments
MIDI Channel Note Range Drum Sound Group
1   N/A (can be used in Mix Group)
2   N/A (can be used in Mix Group)
3   N/A (can be used in Mix Group)
4   N/A (can be used in Mix Group)
5   N/A (can be used in Mix Group)
6   Effects Program channel
7 F1-D2 toms
8 C1-C1 kick drum
9 D1-D1 snare drum
10   Mix Group master channel
11 F#1-A#1 hi hat
12 D#2-B2 ride cymbals
13 C#2-A2 crash cymbals
14   user defined
15   user defined
16 C-2-G8 percussion