Backing up the QSR User bank

Back up the contents of the QSR User bank to your computer using QS Edit Pro™ to avoid loss of data or in preparation for editing or programming the Flash RAM card.

Before you begin

  • Launch QS Edit Pro.
  • Verify MIDI communication with the QSR.

About this task

Attention: Before editing the contents of the User bank, you should backup the User bank data.

The QS Dump All Sysex Manager in QS Edit Pro allows you to transmit User bank SYSEX data through the MIDI interface to or from the computer (uploads or downloads). To backup the User bank, use QS Dump All Sysex Manager to download and save the SYSEX file. Files can be saved in SYSEX format (.syx) or QS (.qs) format. Both are compatible with Sound Bridge software and can be used to program the Flash RAM card.


  1. Click File > QS Dump ALL Sysex Manager.
    QS Edit Pro file menu

    The QS Dump ALL Sysex Manager window below will open.
    QS Dump ALL Sysex Manager window

    You will use the QS Dump ALL Sysex Manager window to download the contents of the User bank and save the file to your computer.
    Tip: You can also upload User bank data from disk to the QSR (for example, if you want to restore the factory default User bank data). QS Edit Pro comes with SYSEX files from the QS4 series synths and QS7/8 Expando cards (found in the installation directory). These SYSEX files can be opened in the QS Dump All Sysex Manager window and uploaded to the QSR User bank. The QS6 files do not work.
    Trouble: After uploading data to the QSR User bank it may be necessary to switch between Program and Mix modes, or restart QS Edit Pro, to access the new Programs in the bank. Also, the QSR LCD display will not automatically update to show the new program name. You must use the shaft encoder wheel to change programs and return to the current program in order to update the display.
  2. To backup the User bank data, click File > Receive DumpAll from QS, then click Start.
    QS Dump ALL Sysex Manager downloading

    QS Edit Pro will download the Programs, Mixes, and Effects in the User bank and display the data in the window. It will take some time for the data to be transferred to the computer, as the User bank contains 128 Programs and Effects, and 100 Mixes.
    QS Dump ALL Sysex Manager after download

  3. Create a folder on your computer to store SYSEX files.
  4. Click File > Save DumpAll Sysex File. Navigate to the folder you created, name the file, and click Save. You can choose to save the file in Quadrasynth format (.qs) or in SYSEX format. Close the DumpAll Sysex Manager window.
    Tip: Use a file naming convention for your SYSEX files that will help you identify specific files. For example, the file name "dumpall-user-bank-030118" shows the date and file contents.